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David Matthewson

Lube Tech& Tire Sales & Rotation

Meet David Matthewson, our enthusiastic new technician, born and raised amidst the charm of Asheboro, NC. David’s passion for classic cars is palpable, with a special fondness for the timeless ’67 Camaro RS. His love for these automotive gems reflects his appreciation for design and craftsmanship.

Beyond the garage, David’s interests are diverse. An avid gardener, he finds solace in nurturing plants and creating green havens. Cooking is another one of his talents, where he combines flavors with the same precision he applies to fixing engines. Music is a constant companion in David’s life, adding rhythm to both work and play.

As a young and eager learner, David is excited about the prospect of honing his skills and evolving into a master technician. His dedication to the craft, coupled with a genuine love for the classics, makes him a valuable addition to our team. With a hometown spirit and a penchant for continuous improvement, David Matthewson is poised to become a rising star in the world of automotive expertise.


David Matthewson
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