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Candace Bongiovanni


Candace Bongiovanni, a proud native of Randolph County, embodies a unique blend of southern roots and modern sophistication. Her love for American hot rods has been a lifelong passion, rooted in the vibrant car culture of her hometown. While owning an upscale boutique in Cornelius, North Carolina, where she calls home, Candace maintains a deep connection to Randolph County, where her family resides. Growing up as the youngest of three, she cultivated a genuine affinity for fast automobiles, a sentiment she shares with her spouse deeply involved in the financial profession. Candace's favorite classic, the '65 Ford Cobra, stands as a testament to her appreciation for timeless design and powerful engines. Her journey from Randolph County to Cornelius reflects a harmonious blend of hometown nostalgia and contemporary success. Beyond her love for fast automobiles, Candace Bongiovanni is reaching new heights—literally. Currently working towards obtaining her pilot's license, she navigates the skies with the same enthusiasm she has for high-speed cars. As the proud owner of one of the fastest twin-engine aircraft designs, Candace's passion for speed seamlessly extends from the streets to the clouds. Embracing the thrill of both terrestrial and aerial pursuits, she embodies a spirit that transcends boundaries and fuels her perpetual quest for the need for speed.


Candace Bongiovanni
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