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Property Manager


David Varner grew up in a family of gearheads and enjoys anything to do with automotive and motorsports. He is a contributing factor to our day-to day tasks to keep #thecarolinaclassiccars in tip top shape! He is the active manager for the entire property that houses one of NC's elite classic cars showrooms known as Carolina Classic Cars.  He is actively involved in many car clubs and attends various cruise ins and classic car functions across the state. A native of NC and a previous manager of one of the largest NC grocery chains, he enjoys spending time with his wife Brenda and their newborn (fur baby). Stop in this coming week and say hi to David and ask him to show you around the showroom!   Email David 

Administrative Manager


 Taylor Chesney, hailing from Asheboro, NC, is a passionate car enthusiast with gasoline running through her veins. Raised in a family of gearheads, Taylor’s love for the automotive world was nurtured early on. Her weekends often revolve around the adrenaline of the drag strip, a cherished activity shared with her dad.
As an avid Ford fan, Taylor’s automotive allegiance is evident, and her dream car is none other than the iconic ’65 fastback. Her enthusiasm extends beyond personal enjoyment, contributing to a dynamic automotive community.
Beyond the racetrack, Taylor has created a beautiful family with her high school sweetheart. Together, they are raising two wonderful children, blending a love for cars with the joys of family life. Recently taking on the role of administrator at Allen Automotive, Taylor brings her passion, expertise, and organizational skills to the forefront, making her a valuable addition to the team. In her hands, the gears of both family life and professional pursuits mesh seamlessly, creating a life that’s a perfect blend of horsepower and heart. 





Meet David Matthewson, our enthusiastic new technician, born and raised amidst the charm of Asheboro, NC. David’s passion for classic cars is palpable, with a special fondness for the timeless ’67 Camaro RS. His love for these automotive gems reflects his appreciation for design and craftsmanship.
Beyond the garage, David’s interests are diverse. An avid gardener, he finds solace in nurturing plants and creating green havens. Cooking is another one of his talents, where he combines flavors with the same precision he applies to fixing engines. Music is a constant companion in David’s life, adding rhythm to both work and play.
As a young and eager learner, David is excited about the prospect of honing his skills and evolving into a master technician. His dedication to the craft, coupled with a genuine love for the classics, makes him a valuable addition to our team. With a hometown spirit and a penchant for continuous improvement, David Matthewson is poised to become a rising star in the world of automotive expertise.

MASTER Mechanic Jerry Taylor

Jerry Taylor is a skilled master technician who recently joined the team at Allen Automotive.  With a background that includes attending the NASCAR Technical Institution in Mooresville, NC, Jerry has honed his automotive expertise through hands-on experience.  Much of his career has been spent at large anchor stores, where he specialized in diagnosing and replacing supercharger engines and rebuilding engines.  Jerry is well-versed in a variety of automotive disciplines, excelling in diesel engines. small engine repair, electrical wiring and computer diagnostics.  He boasts both an EPA 609 certifications and a motor vehicle inspection license.  making him a valuable asset to the automotive  industry. 

Amber Freeman, our dedicated Accounts Receivable Administrator, brings a unique background and enthusiasm to our team. Born in Hawaii and raised in North Carolina, she is a proud first-generation American, embodying a rich tapestry of cultural influences.
Amber’s commitment extends beyond the professional realm; she shares her life with her loving spouse. A self-proclaimed “Bow tie” enthusiast, her heart beats for Chevrolet motors, with a particular fondness for the Malibu series. Whether it’s the classic lines or the purr of the engine, Amber finds inspiration in the timeless design and performance of Chevrolet.
Beyond her love for cars, Amber’s palate is equally adventurous. Her favorite cuisine is Thai, savoring the bold and diverse flavors that characterize this cuisine. As a multifaceted individual, Amber brings a blend of cultural diversity, automotive passion, and culinary appreciation to our team, making her a valuable asset in and out of the office.

Accounts Receivable Manager Amber Freeman

Allen Kenny has been with Allen Automotive for 20+ years and has an extensive knowledge base in both the specialty and classic car arena.  His detail for performance based and  transitional automotive repair and restore is unmeasurable. He specializes in classic car maintenance, repair and additions including (but not limited to) transmission rebuilds, power steering, power brakes, addition of vintage air, adding dual exhaust and much more.  Have an issue with your car?  Allen is definitely the guy to figure out your problem.  If you are in need of vintage air, transmission rebuild or even power steering additions to your classic then give us a call.  

Senior Mechanic Tim Byrd

Meet Tim Byrd, our esteemed Senior Tech at Allen Automotive, bringing an impressive 25 years of expertise to our team. Hailing from High Point, NC, Tim is a native with a deep-rooted passion for all things automotive. His favorite classic, the Ford Fastback, reflects his appreciation for timeless design and craftsmanship. Beyond the workshop, Tim finds joy in the exhilaration of the drag strip and the tranquility of farming in his spare time. A true asset to our team, Tim's mastery extends seamlessly from modern to classic cars, making him an invaluable contributor to our commitment to excellence in automotive service.

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